February 27, 2013

#126 ColourVision 2013

I drew a comic for this art thing with text by Lisa Söderström. This is my documentation of the process of turning a tiny comic into a 3x36m (9'84''x118'11'') biggy comic. Project info in Swedish at  http://www.colourvision.eu/

At this point they have enlarged the original drawing and sketched in the lines in pencil and are filling in the guidelines for what will be painted in full colours at a later stage.

Press day 1: Metro was there to take some photos of the two painters and to interview myself and the project leader Erling Zandfeld from Målaremästarna.

Looking good! Or rather it did until I realised we had used the orange marked for the Penguin-cup for her skin. Rip it up and start again.

This is the interior of a hangar like building we're working at in Kockums industrial area.

Flyer and original drawing. The grid on the drawing is for the painters to use as a guide when they enlarge the image. It's a pretty cool old school method. They do the large grid with a dusted piece of string that is snapped across the canvas and leaves a super straight line.

...and we're done! You can go see and read the whole thing at Kockumshuset on Stora Varvsgatan in Malmö. Just past Klaffbron. It'll be up till just after Eurovison I think.

City 20130215

Metro 20130215

Sydsvenskan 20130216

Skånska Dagbladet 20130216

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